Our behavioral tool provides data and insights to help individuals, teams and organizations enhance performance.

We use the tool to help develop baseline assessments of current capabilities, gauge an organization’s readiness for change and help clients improve delivery against goals by optimizing talent strengths and closing talent gaps.

The tool is automated and provide instant reporting.

Data & Insights Tool: Behaviors

DATA measures an individual’s hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities, which determine how an individual thinks, learns and behaves.

Do You Need Help?

  • Enhancing culture and leadership in your organization?
  • Getting leaders ready to champion and manage change?
  • Building effective and high performing teams?

Our Solution

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, our data driven behavioral tool is your solution.

Our DATA tool measures an individual’s hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities.  These traits and abilities do not change. They determine how an individual thinks, learns and behaves. Using data and insights about individual traits and abilities, you will be better positioned to meet goals at all levels – organizational, team and individual.  

DATA is a disruptive innovation in the world of individual performance and team building improvement.  It offers specific and practical information about how to organize the strengths and abilities of an individual and a team most effectively.  DATA is unique because it is designed to support business operations.  It is not an abstract, disconnected exercise.

The Experience

We use a 25 minute-experience that makes it simple for a manager to identify employee traits and abilities. The data and insights gathered help you enhance culture, individual and team performance, change management, and employee hiring, training, management and development.  The information is easy to understand and leads to action a manager can implement.

DATA can help you solve people problems and improve your organization’s performance.  To learn more about DATA, please contact us.