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Our passion is designing and implementing “good” disruption that makes our clients distinctively better. It’s exciting to us to see our clients evolve into greater innovators, leaders, and operators using the foundation we provide for innovation and growth. 

We approach our clients from a unique vantage point. We bring an array of diversity and lived experiences, practical know how, industry expertise, community involvement, thought leadership, and relationships of trust that equip us to help you solve your challenges.

We understand your need to ideate AND implement. That’s the hallmark of what we do. As street-smart operators with 600+ years of collective experience and a pulse read on the pressing people and process issues organizations face, we we can work with you on an accelerated basis to diagnose, create, solve, and implement solutions.

“Our teams mission is to ‘lift and raise’ our client and our community. That’s in the DNA of everyone on our team, and it fuels our passion and commitment.”

Cynthia Hardy, CEO & Founder, Pivot Global Partners


We know people – leaders and the entire workforce – are the bedrock of an organization’s success. That’s why we only entrust your pivots – innovation pivots, leadership pivots, and equity, inclusion, and diversity pivots – to select professionals who will elevate your performance and ensure you can sustain the momentum after we complete our work with you.


When we’ve done our job well for our clients, we’ve exceeded their expectations.  More importantly, we’ve elevated their innovation and leadership capabilities, their social responsibility delivery, and/or their connectedness within their organization and beyond.

When we have done our job well in the community, we have lifted and raised others, especially youth and aspiring leaders, providing exposure to career opportunities, mentoring, and access to education. Both are important to us as good corporate citizens and as passionate, compassionate professionals.



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