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Customer and Sustainability Focus 

Innovation Pivots

Leadership Pivots

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Pivots


We use our proprietary Design Agility Performance Solutions™️ method in our client pivots. It combines some of the concepts behind Design Thinking and Agile Development.

Design Agility closes the gaps we often experienced as consumers of consulting services. Using Design Agility, we ensure customer needs are front and center in all of your pivots and we equip you to own and sustain your pivot after our work with you is done.

Whatever your pivot, we move you through diagnostics, solution ideation, rounds of experimentation, implementation, measurement and impact assessment. The end result is an innovation pivot, a leadership pivot, or an equity, inclusion, or diversity pivot that sticks and repositions you for success.



We are uniquely positioned at the heart of innovation with our entrepreneurial, corporate, and startup advisory experience, as well as our thought leadership and robust alliance. For example, through our alliances with InnSure, we collaborate with InnSure, MIT, and Carter Edwards to deliver a first-ever insurance leadership academy focused on innovation and open ecosystem creation labs.

We engineer innovation pivots across industries, including insurance and financial services, technology, health care, and entertainment. Our clients include earlier stage technology companies (martech, healthtech, fintech, and insurtech), as well as mature domestic and international companies.

Our innovation services include:

  • Co-creating new products, services, and processes
  • Standing up innovation capabilities (infrastructure and external partnerships)
  • Evaluating and integrating emerging technologies (robotic process automation, IoT, and artificial intelligence, including autonomous vehicles)
  • Assessing and improving startup products, market position, and operational maturity
  • Designing, managing, and evaluating proofs of concept


Leadership development is our passion. We get it. We know client success hinges on leaders who continually seek to enhance their leadership, believe it’s their job to develop others, and model the desired values and behaviors of their organization. 

We engineer leadership pivots at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. Using diagnostic tools and our CEO’s Crossing Meridians method, we provide these leadership development services:

  • Behavioral assessments for individuals and teams
  • Skill inventories for individuals and teams
  • Behavioral and skill heat mapping based on your specific goals
  • Culture diagnostic
  • Development planning
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Interactive, customized workshops



2020 brought heightened focus on equity and equality. Organizations are taking up the fight. Some are devoting significant resources to social and racial justice initiatives. Some are examining whether they’re contributing to social and racial disparities. Many are forming and funding partnerships with existing organizations that have aligned missions.

Organizations can only deliver on their promises and aspirations through their leaders. From our conversations with clients and colleagues, we know many leaders feel they’re in the crosshairs.  They’re struggling for a variety of reasons and need help.

Informed by our lived experiences and diversity, as well as our corporate, entrepreneurial, and community experiences, we provide the targeted services individual leaders, teams, and organizations need to meet the moment.

At the program or initiative level, we:

  • Evaluate prior and current initiatives
  • Collaborate with you to develop new initiatives or revamp existing, guided by design principles and a clear view of intended impact
  • Build implementation readiness and change management plans

At the community level, we:

  • Evaluate prior and current relationships
  • Assess potential future relationships
  • Build plans and tools for integrated delivery with partners
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