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Cynthia Hardy, Pivot Global’s Founder & CEO, is an internationally recognized business leader and influencer whose expertise is engineering personal and organizational pivots. In her new book, Crossing MeridiansTM: Engineering Disruption to Become a More Effective Leader, Cynthia shares her tested approach to leadership enrichment.

“This debut manual/workbook focuses on self-directed leadership enrichment….This excellent work shows novice and experienced leaders alike how to chart a course through a deftly organized process of discovery, planning, and acting—with the ultimate goal of sustaining personal leadership excellence.”

“Cohesive and impassioned; a bold, engaging path to effective leadership.”

Kirkus Reviews


Cynthia moves aspiring to mid-career leaders from their familiar ways of working and thinking to heightened leadership, using storytelling, reimagining, and self-directed planning. As both a mindset and method, her Crossing Meridians approach provides the framework for a deeply personal, step-by-step approach to leadership development that guides leaders through cycles of Discover-Plan-Act-Repeat.

Cynthia encourages leaders to engineer their own disruption—taking on uncomfortable, more complex development actions so they can lead more effectively having crossed divides and gained the essential leadership capabilities of empathy, openness, and resiliency. Here’s a snapshot of the Crossing Meridians method.

Pivot Global recognizes the key to any organization’s success is leadership. That’s why we use the Crossing Meridians method in all of our pivots—whether collaborating with a client to innovate, improve operations, or make a profound difference in equity, inclusion, and diversity. We use Crossing Meridians in our client leadership pivots at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. We use it to accelerate individual leader and team contributions to jumpstart innovation. And we use Crossing Meridians concepts in our client equity, inclusion, and diversity pivots to provide more informed, responsive solutions, as shown here.

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