Data & Insights Tool: Behaviors

DATA measures an individual’s hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities, which determine how an individual thinks, learns and behaves.

Do You Need Help?

  • Enhancing culture and leadership in your organization?
  • Getting leaders ready to champion and manage change?
  • Building effective and high performing teams?

Our Solution

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, our data driven behavioral tool is your solution.

Our DATA tool measures an individual’s hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities.  These traits and abilities do not change. They determine how an individual thinks, learns and behaves. Using data and insights about individual traits and abilities, you will be better positioned to meet goals at all levels – organizational, team and individual.

DATA is a disruptive innovation in the world of individual performance and team building improvement.  It offers specific and practical information about how to organize the strengths and abilities of an individual and a team most effectively.  DATA is unique because it is designed to support business operations.  It is not an abstract, disconnected exercise.

The Experience

We use a 25 minute-experience that makes it simple for a manager to identify employee traits and abilities. The data and insights gathered help you enhance culture, individual and team performance, change management, and employee hiring, training, management and development.  The information is easy to understand and leads to action a manager can implement.

DATA can help you solve people problems and improve your organization’s performance.  To learn more about DATA, please contact us.

Data & Insights: Culture Transformation Tools®

Measure Your Culture and Learn How You Can Make It Enhance Your Success

 Do You Need Help?

  • Your organizational culture is worth money! Have you measured the current value of your culture?
  • Are you measuring and managing goals, strategies, outputs and outcomes, but not completely achieving the results defined by the organization?
  • Is the institutional legacy of past leaders still preventing a new leadership from mindset from gaining traction?
  • Are you measuring and monitoring your employees’ engagement levels and implementing new strategies, but still getting the same results?
  • Are you trying to integrate successful leaders and teams from two different organizations after a Merger or Acquisition, but struggling to make the right decisions?

Our Solution

If you answered “yes”to any of these questions, the Culture Transformation Tools® will provide you with data to help improve culture, leadership, performance and team productivity, making your organization thrive and succeed.

The Culture Transformation Tools® (CTT) from Barrett Values Centre are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostic tools commercially available.  They have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in over 90 countries, fostering group, leadership and personal transformation for sustainable growth.

Using a suite of assessment tools, you will receive a report on the quality of your company’s culture, showing demographic cuts by region, department or team.  CTT measures the culture in your organization, which leads to creating a culture transformation plan and developing targeted solutions.

CTT merger/compatibility assessment supports the seamless integration of teams and departments by measuring the strengths of each group and identifying any potential obstacles.

In addition, CTT leads to tailor made workshops that train leaders to be catalysts for your culture setting or culture transformation. 

The Experience Or How We Deliver Our Service

  • Determine your strategic view of current and desired culture
  • Use CTT to evaluate your current culture (behaviors and values) at the enterprise, function, team and individual level
  • Draw insights from tool output data and other data
  • Develop a culture setting or culture transformation plan and develop targeted solutions
  • Train leaders to be catalysts for your culture setting or culture transformation
  • Assess effort and impact of culture setting and culture transformation
  • Ensure you can keep momentum and success going

To learn more about Culture Transformation Tools®, please contact us.

Data & Insights Tool: Skills Agility

Data & Insights Tool:  Skills Agility

Do You Need Help?

  • Identifying the hidden talents of each member of your team?
  • Knowing the depth and breadth of talent and skills for your team?
  • Identifying needed skills and gaps to support an organizational redesign or workforce resizing?
  • Improving morale by engaging your team in innovative skill proficiency conversations?
  • Improving individual professional and career development?

Our Solution

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, Pivot Global Partners’ data driven skills inventory tool is your solution.  Pivot Global’s Skills Agility Survey is strategically designed and tactically deployed.  It inventories individual skills and levels of competency for existing, developing and emerging skills.  Because you choose the survey skills from our database, survey insights help you to address your challenges.

Skills Agility Survey is built on a relational database.  That means you can look at individual, team or organizational skills over time.  The tool is built in an easy-to-use format and works on any device.

Skills Agility Survey is a custom skills survey.  We build your survey from a database of skill categories and skills relevant to each category.  Skills are ever changing so we also include the dynamic ability for individuals to add their unique skills.  You then discover hidden talents and emerging trends.

The Experience

Using a proficiency rating scale of 1 to 5, each of your team members rate their proficiency in the skills you choose.   An easy 4-step survey process delivers a robust view of current and emerging skills, as well as skill gaps

Skills Agility Survey can help you solve people problems and improve your organization’s performance.  To learn more about Skills Agility Survey, please contact us.