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Pivot Global Partners is pleased to announce that Mary Vidarte, a global consultant with extensive experience in guiding firms in organizational design, change management, strategic planning, risk management and cyber security, has joined the firm.

Mary has over 20 years of achievements in international and domestic business consulting.  Her professional experience includes providing management leadership to organizations as they address legal, medical, compliance and litigation issues that permit them to innovate and drive sustainable growth and high performance.

In addition, as an entrepreneur and business owner, Mary has been a major principal in a variety of commercial endeavors that include automotive, medical, insurance, real estate, energy and information technology – cyber.

Mary graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from Barton College and completed an M.A. from Norwich University.  Mary has worked in Taiwan and the United Kingdom, and she has lived in those places.

About Pivot Global Partners

Pivot Global Partners is a global professional services firm that offers design and implementation services for culture change, organizational design, change management and process improvement.  With over 600 years of collective experience and unmatched acuity, we deliver blended culture, customer and operations solutions to prevent, detect and mitigate risk for corporate and non-profit boards.

Pivot Global offers the following core services:

  • Culture Change
  • Organizational Design
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement

Pivot Global guides its clients through challenging “pivots” to accelerate growth and sustainable success by moving ideas into implementation, relying on data and insights.

For more information, please contact Maria Foxhall, Chief Revenue Officer, at [email protected] or 888.526.6251.

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